Especially for those who have no technical knowledge on how to build a website, the idea itself dreaded them and when fear looms over, they just forget the idea and settle to not doing it and even losing income that the website could have generated them. This may be true before but technological advancement has sees it that even those with no skills in coding are able to come up with their own sites through materials and tools that are readily available for them. The list below present seven easy steps in building a website.

Step 1. Choose a Hosting provider. Hosting as you know it is where you will be putting your website and all of your web pages. Of course, it is possible to create a site using your personal computer and keep it from launching online, but the again, why create? First on your list is to know the type of web hosting provider that you may need. Among a few, your options include free web hosting, standard, dedicated, virtual, shared and colocation web hosting. Just know their differences and identify which will serve you best and your good to go.


Step 2. Is there a need for a Domain Name? This is your friendly and searchable URL that users will type on their browser to get to your site. This is basically optional since your put it to free or paid hosting provider and it cost money. However, it still best that you have one for easy search.


Step 3. Plan.Plan.Plan. After deciding about your URL, it is now time to plan the website. Among your top considerations will be the type of site, the navigation functionalities, and the content. This will help the overall functionalities of the site as well as justify the reason for its creation.

Step 4. Start building each page. This part will require you to build the pages one at a time. It is imperative that you acquaint yourself with HTML, the basics of design, CSS, and Web Page Editors. Sound technical? Don’t worry, there are tools and online tutorials that will help you every step of the way.


Step 5. Its time to Publish! This means that you’re already with Step 4 and this one requires you to get your design to your hosting provider for their services or you can use your FTP or File Transfer Protocol clients.


Step 6. Promote. Market. Advertise. Of course, the no-cost SEO is still your best option in promoting your website on page rankings. You can even adapt other forms like SEM, email marketing, linkbuilding etc. Whatever you chose make sure that you optimize your effort in doing so.


Step 7. Maintain the Site. To some, this may be the most boring part. However, this is very important especially in keeping your site looking good and doing well. You need to adapt new tools and technologies that may affect your online exposure.


There is nothing to fear in creating a site, the question on how to build a website may be feared by people but then again, you just need a few skills plus tons of dedication and reason to keep going and you’ll simply find yourself finishing a website. Who knows, that’s just one of the hundreds to come.

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