Web Hosting Hub Review

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What is Web Hosting Hub?

hubWeb Hosting Hub prides itself as a one stop shop of hosting needs from site builders, domain registration, transferring from an old hosting provider to them and even WordPress support.

They are also quite affordable, too. But they are certainly NOT the most affordable in the market. If you are on the lookout for the cheapest possible deals, then this is not the hosting provider for you. You have to start looking elsewhere.

Web Hosting Hub – Features and Specifications

What are the common inclusions when it comes to the packages of Web Hosting Hub? Here they are:

  • install iconVery easy installation and transferring of files from one location host to another is a breeze. There’s no installation fee, as well.
  • 10 minute iconInstant website feature that enables you to have your own page in less than 10 minutes after setup.
  • FreeTrialIconFree trial period for PayPal users
  • email iconUnlimited email
  • unlimited supportUnlimited tech support
  • bandwidthUnlimited bandwidth
  • disk spaceUnlimited disk space
  • support iconUS-based technical support team
  • sitebuilder iconFree access and use of free site builders
  • wordpress_logoSupports WordPress installations
  • statistics iconStatistics app that helps you identify how many users you have, what their usage patterns are etc.

These are quite a lot but they are not all. These are just the standard ones. Plus, they have their cheapest package at $5 per month. Not the cheapest but definitely not expensive.

Web Hosting Hub – Website Performance Evaluation

hosting-server-uptimeFor this little extra dollar per month, you really feel the difference with the Web Hosting Hub. They are good with their promise of a 99.99% uptime guarantee since there rarely is any disturbance when they are the ones hosting your pages.

Then the speed of the pages are also good – so you really get what you pay for, even if they are just a shared hosting partner. So if you don’t mind shelling a little bit more (and really, it isn’t that much), you can go with them.

Sometimes, that little difference in price makes a huge difference in performance and in the long run, you wouldn’t feel the difference in price, anyway.

Web Hosting Hub – Customer Support Review

tech supportThis is where the hump is. They do not respond to customer calls or emails as fast as you would want them to. Having lots of customers is not an excuse at all since having customers means having money and having money means having an allowance for customer support.

Although since they have good performance regarding their servers, you rarely have any reason to get back to them, in reality. Then this issue wouldn’t be so much of an issue. But then again, you would think that customer support is important to the, right?

Web Hosting Hub – Overall Verdict

recommendedOur overall verdict is that you can go with Web Hosting Hub – they are versatile, affordable (but remember not the cheapest) and a very decent performance track record. They’ve been around for a long time, fully legitimate (so you know they are not a scam) plus they have actual customers that you can actually ask for direct feedback.

Customer Reviews

  • George K

    March 29, 2013

    The figure of 99.9% uptime is waaaaaay off… Imx more like 80-85% uptime.

  • James

    June 25, 2013

    Wow, has hub really been that low for you?

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