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What is JustHost?

JustHost is not a pioneer in the hosting scene but they are well known for delivering on what they promise. They give one of the cheapest rates in town for shared web hosting and they deliver what is expected from them. Although you should know that shared hosting is not the fastest (since it does not have a dedicated machine to serve as your sever), it can be a great potential tool in launching your site, especially if you go with a trusted provider.

So what does JustHost bring to the table? Read the items below so that you are able to assess on your own if this is the perfect match for you.

JustHost – Features and Specifications

Every web hosting company has a line up of features per package that they offer. For the cheapest offering of JustHost, you can have the following:

  • Free website templates to choose from
  • Free site builder to use
  • Free ecommerce and shopping cart forms
  • Free advertising and marketing credits for the account
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited MySQL accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited domains hosted per account
  • No set up free and instant set up

There’s a lot being given to you for such a minimal cost of $3.75 per month. The only catch is that you must maintain the account for a year. They also come with an any time money back guarantee, so it eases your worries about being tricked or getting an unsatisfactory hosting experience.

JustHost – Website Performance Evaluation

They perform quite well – not the fastest but given the amount of items being given to you for such a measly price, you should be already satisfied with a decent speed. Do not expect rocket speed connections but the connection is quite stable and reliable. Just not the fastest. But at least it is not erratic.

At the same time, if your site does not really require the fastest connections (you are not doing critical billing, for example, or loading a hundred images in one page) then you might be happy with what you get from JustHost already.

Even their email connection is quite decent – there are times when the server is down but not enough to be a major point of complaint.

JustHost – Customer Support Review

In terms of customer support, I think they are one of the few that give importance to their customers by allocating enough budget for an ample team. Not only are they speedy, they are also useful and smart. Gone are the complaints about the ignorant agents that take you 30 minutes to discuss something so simple over the phone.

JustHost – Overall Verdict

Our verdict is that JustHost is a good choice, especially if you are price conscious about the ongoing cost of your site hosting. This is perfect for those who are just starting out and do not want to invest in too much money in hosting.

You can definitely find cheaper alternatives or better ones but if you wont have any, this is a good choice for once.

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