InMotion Hosting Review + Customer Testimonials

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Company Review

InMotion is a hosting solutions provider that has received multiple awards throughout its more than 10 years of existence. They provide personal hosting services to enterprise-scale solutions. Some of their awards include:

  • wordpress_logoBest WordPress hosting
  • column-chart-iconTop Business host
  • thumbs up iconMost recommended hosting company
  • cpanelBest cPanel hosting
  • Home-Server-iconBest in VPS hosting
  • support iconBest Support team
  • Server_linuxBest Linux hosting

The awards spanning from 2003 to 2012, these awards were given by different organizations, assuring the users that they really do perform well throughout the years.

InMotion does not target a specific market, rather, they give a wide array of options for you in case you want to grow your business with them, continuously.
Check out the features and the specifications of the InMotion hosting packages so that you can get to know them better.

InMotion – Features and Specifications

dollar-lightThey have lots of packages from the cheaper ones to the expensive and extremely robust dedicated servers. Since most users want to do their businesses online but are not yet ready to go full scale, we will feature the Business packages for this review.

The Business packages have three main types – the Launch, Power and Pro, ranging from $5.95 per month to $13.95 per month for 2 years. They are not a fan of the unlimited type of features (like unlimited hosting, traffic and storage) since to be frank, it affects the performance of the shared hosting servers. And this compromises your site’s performance, in the long run.

The most affordable, the Launch, features:

6 supported domains
25 sub domains
data back up and spam protection services
access to their easy to use website builder
inclusion of private domain features
2 MySQL databases
1,000 FTP accounts

And is compatible across all 3 operating systems – Mac, Windows and Linux.
These packages are available under the 90-day money back guarantee so this gives you a lot of time to try and try their services and inclusions, if it fits your business’s needs.

InMotion – Website Performance

performance robust iconRobust, steady and fast are the three words that best describes InMotion’s performance. There’s a reason why they are one of the most trusted hosting providers today and this is also the reason why they got so many awards. All service disruptions are announced, and they happen ever so rarely. They also have a reputation of having consistent speed all throughout the connection, whether you are just on their personal/affordable plans or in the VPS hosting solutions. Of course, the dedicated servers are another story but they also perform well on these accounts, too.

There’s not much of a complaint regarding their performance through the years. So this is a good indication and we can only hope that they continue to perform this well.

InMotion – Customer Support Review

support team iconThey have a good customer support team – all with up to date information regarding their offerings and have a good grasp of basic troubleshooting knowledge. This is a welcome “feature” to have since most people complain about calls taking too long, being transferred to multiple agents for several times and then trouble tickets not being attended to.

They are not the fastest although we have yet to meet a team that is more efficient and knowledgeable than theirs. It makes us think that the extra money we pay for (since they are more expensive than the other companies) is being placed in training their customer support staff.

InMotion – Overall Verdict

best choiceWe very much like the balance of the services, promptness of replies and the consistent website connection performance that the team of InMotion gives us. This is a classic case of you getting what you pay for and the extra dollars that we pay for every month, is extremely worth it.

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