FatCow Review

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What is FatCow?

MoneyBack in 30 daysFatCow is a web hosting company offering a 30-day money back guarantee to all of its customers. They have a cute website with adorable cows and nutrition facts sheet that serves as their features and inclusions table.

They are also proudly running their services via wind energy, all 100% of it.

cost_iconMore importantly, they are an affordable hosting partner with packages as low as $3.15 per month. This is probably one of the cheapest subscription rates ever out there. To learn more about FatCow and its features, read the items below.

FatCow – Features and Specifications

All of FatCow’s packages include:

  • website-builderSite building tools that are as simple as point and click apps
  • hard disk space iconUnlimited disk space
  • shopping-cart-icon-515Tools for online selling and marketing
  • System-Install-2-iconApplications for easier installations
  • WBG_icon_seo-300pxAdvertising credits to major search engines
  • bandwidthUnlimited bandwidth
  • google-webmaster-toolsGoogle webmaster tools are integrated into the packages
  • email pop boxUnlimited POP email boxes

They do not have set up fees and the activation is quick and easy so you can switch from your old hosting partner to FatCow in no time. Support for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal is also available. So that basically covers everything that you need to launch your site.

FatCow – Website Performance Evaluation

Control-Panel-iconFatCow is definitely not the fastest web hosting partner there is. The connection is not horrible but it is not great. If not for the really cheap rates, then it probably wont be a good option for you.

The interruptions in the connections, mostly in email availability, is not enough to make you look for another partner but it does not make you happy that you got the best deal in town. Probably this is the reason why they have low rates – they know they don’t have optimal speed but if you don’t want to shell out more, then you can just bear with the flow.

FatCow – Customer Support Review

operator_iconFatCow’s customer support team is fairly ok – not the best but nothing too horrible to rant about. It takes a few days for trouble tickets to be answered, phone calls get a couple of rings but nothing life threatening. Their agents are quite well versed and they are able to answer basic to moderate inquiries about their services and even some troubleshooting.

In terms of usability, their website is very useful and directs the users straight to the things they need so this is one plus point in terms of customer support since you don’t need to call the agents when you can’t find something.

FatCow – Overall Verdict

cheap iconAs a whole package, if you are looking for a cheap hosting solution, FatCow is perfect for you. They have one of the cheapest packages around PLUS they have lots of useful features to boot. And they are 100% running on green energy. So that takes away the guilt of adding to the pollution in our planet.

But if you want something that performs well, then you need to find something that is more robust and potentially, more expensive.

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