Marketing my website was such a pain in the somewhere-censored-part-of-my body. There were a lot of things that I needed to do in order to get as much traffic as I could. On top of this, since I was bombarded with different things, it was also hard for me to decide on which will be my first move. So here is a list of ways which certainly helped me to market my website.

Search Engine Optimization

I know that this is not your first time to hear about search engine optimization over the internet. Basically, SEO determines how your website which page you appear on search results. This is very crucial in marketing websites because no readers would go beyond the third page of the results. They will always choose the results written or shown on the first page.

In order to improve you result, SEO will require you to edit existing content and make a new content that is barrier-free to indexing activities of search engines. Therefore, your page should be optimized for your keywords and keyword phrases in order to see substantial results with SEO.

Reaching Out

You should allow other people to post on your website. Moreover, you should also do likewise. Guest blogging means leaving or writing original blogs onto someone else’s blog at the same time giving out a link to your own website. This will allow new bloggers or readers to explore your own website.

Social Networking

One of the most common social networking site that people on the internet use is Facebook. Even the people at your home, regarding how old or young they are, they already have their own Facebook accounts. You can create pages and groups that will draw people towards your website. Moreover, there is a study saying that 68% of people have greater memory retention on advertisements with social context compared to those not containing any. If you subscribe for a Facebook ad, it is like riding along with Facebook’s traffic and getting a little dose of it for your own.


Creating videos, especially for the kind of website that includes a lot of how to’s and demonstrations, and posting them on YouTube is one of the most effective way to increase traffic in your own website. If you do this, there will be more chance that other people will also find your video valuable, thus, using it on their own blogs and online entries. The content of your video should always contain important information that will still help in increasing your own website traffic, like advertising to watch more videos or giving out instructions on how they could visit your website and check more entries there.

Email Blasting

A very important technique used by telemarketers. The more media you use, the better. You have tried social networking site, YouTube, and now, it would be for the best if you keep reinforcing them with your website by doing email blasting. This will ignite curiosity among people and when they give in to their need to know, you will get a visit in your website!

Marketing my own website was indeed a complex and complicated job. Therfore I provided the simplest and most commonly used ways on marketing any other website, regardless what kind of website you have.

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