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iPage shopping bagiPage is a web hosting company that focuses on giving the most affordable packages for those who are just starting and are also experts in web site developing. They are treated as one of the pioneers of web hosting and has been around even before year 2000.


 With more than a decade of web expertise, iPage has been keeping up with the newbies by providing innovative features while trying to keep the costs low. To get to know them better, read the items below.

iPage: Features and Specifications
Here are the typical features that you will find in a shared hosting package offered by iPage:
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited email accounts
Free domain upon registration
$3.50 per month subscription fee
Free online store
100% powered by green energy (wind energy to be specific)
Plus support for CMS such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, among other helpful platforms required by most developers today

This is a good selection of features, if you will ask me, especially given the price that you pay for them. Plus, there’s the huge advantage of offering the anytime money back guarantee. So that is a huge bonus, right there.

performance-monitor-iconiPage: Website Performance Evaluation

There are extreme reported cases when it comes to iPage. There are those who massively complain about disturbances and disruptions while there are those loyal ones that’s been with iPage ever since they started.

It is a good thing to look at these two extremes with a grain of salt. But if you think about it, if the company is THAT bad, then they wouldn’t have survived this long in the same industry, under the very same name, right?

At the same time, you need to consider the type of hosting that you got. If you got a shared hosting package, please do not expect it to behave like a dedicated server package because that will simply not happen.

iPage: Customer Support Review

iPage is not the best when it comes to customer service but they are not the worst either. Due to the fact that they have tons of customers, email responses tend to be slow sometimes or the calls get redirected a couple of times.

But with iPage, at least you don’t need to complain to their staff most of the time since their performance is pretty good. Their staff is knowledgeable, if not a bit too slow at times but this is forgiveable. I’d rather have a smart staff than a lightning fast but ignorant one.

ipage web hosting guaranteediPage: Overall Verdict

We see no reason why you should leave iPage, in case you are currently their customer already. If you are shopping for a new hosting provider, we recommend that you check them out. You have nothing to lose with their money back guarantee, anytime.

They have a wide range of services for both newbies and the experts. And then their price is very competitive. Plus, they have been in the business for so long so you know that you are not being scammed at all, at any time.

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