Nowadays, there are so many kinds of web hosting services. There are collocation, shared hosting services, free hosting services, virtual private system (VPS), and dedicated hosting service. Each of this option has its own pros and cons. As you decide which hosting service to go for, it is surely necessary to weigh out your options carefully. This is to make sure that your plans will happen with much success than you have ever expected. And as you go through with the available hosting services, you will also have to search for a reliable web hosting company that can cater all your needs and requirements easily.

With so many web hosting service providers these days, it has become already difficult to determine which one you should sign up with. After all, a negative remark may easily discourage you. However, there are still a number of good web hosting companies these days such as InMotion Hosting. Well, InMotion Hosting is one of the biggest names in the world of web hosting. It has been around since 2001. And for more than a decade, they are consistent in providing an outstanding performance. They offer advanced infrastructures and fast servers to their clients.

If you are interested to sign up with them, you should know the plans that they provide. So here are the following plans:

  • Personal hosting plans
    This is recommended if you are planning to establish a personal or just a basic website without the need for traffic and other advanced tools. There are three categories in this type of plan such as the starter (100,000MB disk space and 1,000 GB bandwidth), basic (150,000MB disk space and 1,500 GB bandwidth), and Max (200,000MB disk space and 2,000 GB bandwidth).
  • Business class hosting plans
    This is essential if you are planning to establish an online business. There are three types of business class hosting plans to choose from. These are the launch, power, and pro. All these three offers unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfers.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans
    If you want to experience VPS hosting, this can be a great choice. There are also three types of VPS plans. These are the 256M, 512M, and 1024M.
  • Dedicated hosting plans
    This is the most expensive and the most prestigious plan in the web hosting industry. There are three plans falling on dedicated hosting. These are the essential (160GB disk space and 1,500 GB bandwidth), advance (250GB disk space and 2,000 GB bandwidth), and elite (250GB disk space and 2,500 GB bandwidth).

So these are the actual type of hosting services that you can expect from InMotion Hosting. If you are hesitant, it is a good thing to know that they offer money-back guarantee. With the business class hosting plans, they offer it for 90 days. While for the other plans, they allot 30 days. InMotion Hosting is truly a remarkable web hosting company. They also have round-the-clock support that can be reached through phone, email, and live support. So if you have any issues with your hosting account or any important inquiries, you can surely get the answers that you need right away.

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