‘cPanel’ stands for control panel. In its literal sense, it refers to the main panel installed by web hosts in order to assist their customers in controlling and managing their websites. Because of its proven functionality, this has become a popular aspect of web hosting.

With InMotion’s cPanel hosting, they make sure that it will help their customers in handling and customizing their websites. But, more importantly, they make doubly sure that it will do so with speed, ease and convenience. Consider these interesting features they have put in place:

  • Control of email accounts: This offers endless possibilities on how to control and manage your email account. For example, you can create new or delete email accounts, re-size your mailbox, change password, set up default email addresses and forwarders, read your webmails, filter through accounts, change MX records, view email delivery routes, import email addresses, authenticate emails and block irritating emails, among others.
  • Security of online transactions: This ensures login name and password for all directories. It also has leech protection, which stops access by outside users in case they inadvertently got your password; restricts users through IP deny manager; allows secure transfer of files over the internet through SSH/Shell access; protects sensitive information through SSL/TLS manager; blocks access of bandwidth use by others through hotlink protect; and can create secure temporary public access through GNUPG keys.
  • Effective file management: This provides file backups in case of a crash, with the capability of restoring it to its usual set up through its backup wizard. It still has the legacy file manager for those who prefer the old system, but it has an updated file manager as another option. It also allows maintenance of unlimited FTP accounts, which has its own specific control tools, such as the FTP session control that allows you to see who is currently logged in; convenient access to your files through web disk; and viewing of disk space usage.
  • Simple domain management tools: With this feature, website owners can create, systematize and file their sub-domains by categories. It also redirect webpages, create and maintain add-on domains, create and change A and CNAME accounts, as well as view and use parked or unused domains.

As for VPS hosting, InMotion has this quite exceptional cPanel VPS Optimized plan. This optimizes available server resources, which guarantees zero disruption when websites are being accessed. As such, you can really maximize the key features of InMotion’s cPanel hosting service.

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