There are various installation programs that Inmotion hosting uses which are regularly upgraded to a better one as time goes by. The reason for this is that there are changes in the hardware and software and therefore the previous version or feature will eventually be considered obsolete. The obsolete feature will need to be changed to one that is complementary to the newer software and hardware.

A common complaint by customers is that the new versions of these software applications are confusing. Unfortunately, this just necessary, since new versions always improve their security and benefits as well.


This is a current feature in the cPanel option of the inmotion website that allows other programs to be easily installed in the inmotion account. But unfortunately this was recently replaced by another feature on September of 2012. The problem with some regular or long time website owners is that they are already accustomed to the use of the feature. Therefore a change in the program installation feature will be more difficult for website owners who are not used to the constant changes in features.

The Fantastico feature is normally included to the website owners who have paid for the Personal and Business class plans. This is technically free of charge to the Personal and Business class website owners.

VPS and Dedicated Customer

The VPS and long time customers are the ones who are already used to the options offered by the Fantastico feature. But unfortunately the Fantastico feature will not forever be offered since it was recently changed to Softaculous. This was seen in the notification article where it informs VPS and dedicated customers that the Fantastico feature was changed to another installation program.

New Customers

Some of the customers who have already started their business websites after September 2012 will not be familiar with the previous Fantastico feature. Therefore they will have no problems with the use of the Softaculous feature since this will be the one they will start to be familiar with. Those customers who have initially started the website from inmotion hosting at the start of the year 2012 will also have some problems adjusting to the change in features from Fantastico to Softaculous. The reason for this is that there are significant differences between the two installation features since these are significantly two types of programs.


The Softaculous software can be used to install various important or pertinent programs such WordPress and Joomla. The installation guide for the Softaculous software will describe the steps how it will be used by various users to install wanted programs. The included tutorial will also teach you the steps on how to install WordPress to the website account.

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