, a popular web hosting company, is in the hot seat. The internet world is abuzz with bashing rumors on alleged complaints from their customers, who supposedly say that there’s no real support from their technical staff, they can’t seem to figure out customer’s web hosting problems, they don’t answer their phone, etc. But, could this be possibly true?

It seems doubtful, though. Note that online praises and ‘thank yous’ for InMotion’s good service also abound. As compared to a few complaints, these positive testimonials, which come from their loyal customers, are more significant in assessing InMotion’s web hosting service. As pointed out by, out of 300,000++ web pages on web hosting, there are only less than 5 web pages pertaining to InMotion’s supposedly bad service.

If you will reasonably assess said complaints, these actually appear trivial and whiny. If there are really complaining customers, it’s quite impossible for InMotion’s Support Center not to have taken care of it. InMotion has been in existence since 2001, and it wouldn’t have lasted that long if they do not know how to deal properly with said complaints. They are available 24/7 by email, live chat and even by phone. They have also provided a lot of customer support system to choose from, such as e-mail tutorials, website tutorials, domain name support, community support homepage and educational channels homepage.

Plus, it is quite hard to ignore the various awards given to InMotion for good service. These could not have been given to them, if not for the good service they provide. As against a few criticisms here and there, these awards should speak for themselves:

  • 3 out of 3 Stars by CNET as a Certified Service Provider since 2003
  • Rated A+ member of the Better Business Bureau
  • 2012 Best Dedicated Host Award by
  • 2012 Best Dedicated Host Award by Best Web Host Search
  • 2012 Best Business Hosting Award by
  • 2012 Best Business Host Award by
  • 2012 Best Business Host Award by
  • 2012 Best Web Host Award by
  • 2013 Best Business Hosting Award by

If truth be told, InMotion seems to immensely enjoy a loyal following among its customers. They wouldn’t have stayed if not for the quality service provided to them and if not for the efficient and friendly technical staff.

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