Hosting Plan for High-Traffic Websites

Most web hosting service providers impose a certain limit on the amount of traffic that a website could only get for one month. The cheaper the plan is; the lower amount of allotted traffic is given. As a beginner in this kind of industry, you will surely go for the cheapest plans because it is the most practical choice to make. However, as your site becomes more popular, your plan may not be able to withstand the demands anymore. When you neglect this, your site may lag or may even experience a down site. This kind of scenario would only tell you that it is time to go for a more powerful plan with better servers and resources.

When looking for a more efficient web hosting plan that could cater the growing necessities of your site, you may actually want to consider InMotion Hosting’s Pro Plan. If you are doubtful with InMotion Hosting’s capability, it is a must to know that they have been actually operating since 2001. Since their establishment, they are known to be competent, trustworthy, reliable, and well-organized. They have powerful infrastructure and servers to guide you with all your needs.

Why Go For the Pro Plan?

As for the Pro Plan, it is actually the most expensive option offered by InMotion Hosting in their business class hosting plans. It is recommended for high-traffic websites or for large business websites since it offers unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth. It also lets you have 6 websites in just one hosting account. For these reasons, they surely can operate and can give you your online needs without any restrictions at all.

What to Expect with the Pro Plan?

As you avail the Pro Plan, you will actually get a free set-up. As mentioned before, it also provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It also offers reliable e-mail services such as auto-responders, POP email, email forwarders, web-based email, and spam filtering. It also lets you create about 10,000 e-mail accounts. Aside from these things, it offers great flexibility. Just imagine how you can manage your site no matter where you are. It also lets you keep in track with the performance of your website. It generates helpful data through AwStats and Raw Logs Access.

When it comes to e-commerce features, it supports SSL certificates and shopping cart applications. This means that you can easily do some transactions in the online world without any fear for thefts and fraudsters. SSL certificates protect credit card numbers, social security numbers, and the like. Meanwhile, shopping cart applications provide comfort and convenience to your clients. With this, they can easily purchase stuff.

What are the Additional Features in the Pro Plan?

There are several additional features, tools, and services that are being offered by InMotion Hosting’s Pro Plan. These are password protect directories, custom error pages, PHPMyAdmin, TelNet/SSH, Frontpage extensions, multiple domains, and media streaming. There are also other perks like 24/7 technical support, forum integrations, site builder tools and services, money-back guarantee, and blog integrations.

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