What You Can Get from InMotion Hosting’s Power Plan?

As you start an online store, it is just alright to settle for something less. But as time goes by, there will come a time when you have to switch to a bigger and a more powerful web host. When your profit starts to kick in, you will also have to deal of the increasing customers, increasing traffic, widening network, and a whole lot more. With such demand, it is now time to find a hosting plan that is more reliable and more robust. If you are in search right now, you may want to consider InMotion Hosting’s Power Plan.

Reasons to Go for InMotion Hosting

There are several reasons why you must actually opt for InMotion Hosting. For one, it is a trustworthy web hosting service provider. Ever since it has been established in 2001, it continues to provide remarkable services and web tools. It offers competitive packages. In terms of affordability, they have cheap hosting plans that are specifically geared for online businesses. These plans are called Launch, Power, and Pro. Well, InMotion Hosting is one of the largest names in the field of web hosting. And through the years, they have been consistent in their legacy.

The Perks of the Power Plan

The Power Plan is a top choice for small and medium sized online businesses. It has greater features compared to the Launch plan since it contains more tools. Like any other hosting plans of InMotion Hosting, it operates under Linux and it is under the shared hosting category. Well, it also has unlimited bandwidth and space. It comes with free installations as well.

The Key Features of the Power Plan

In terms of its email features, it provides your own domain name. It also lets you create email accounts without any hassle at all. It also comes with a SPAM filter, e-mail forwarders, auto-responders, and POP-Email. In terms of the website features, it allows you to monitor your site all day and all night. It also comes with web statistics options like Raw Log Access and Awstats. Well, it also allows FTP access to some parts in your site for other people. It also lets you have several domains. It also has other features like FTP accounts, Password Protect Directories, Server Side Includes, Audio and Video Streaming, PHPMyAdmin, Telnet/SSSH, Subdomains, and a whole lot more.

The E-commerce Features of the Power Plan

Well, InMotion Hosting’s Launch Plan has SSL support only. But with the power plan, it also comes with a shopping cart software application. These two things are great features for any online business. SSL certificates enable you to transact safely in the online realm. It efficiently encrypts important data. Meanwhile, the shopping cart software solution actually allows you to put a virtual shopping cart in your page. This means that you clients will not have to pay for your products one-by-one.

The Additional Features of the Power Plan

There are still other features that this Power Plan could provide. Some of these things are 24/7 customer support (phone, e-mail, and live chat), bulletin board or forum applications, guestbook, blog applications, easy-to-use site builder, and of course, money-back guarantee.

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