InMotion hosting allows customers the ability to run the latest PHP versions. The reason for this is that the versions used by the target consumers needs to be compatible with your business website.

InMotion Currently Uses PHP Version 5.3

This is the default version used by the servers since the host server can also use the versions of 5.2 and 5.4. This version is considered as the current stable version since the 5.4 version is the latest one and may still have some compatibility problems. Unfortunately in order to use the 5.4 version you will have to be a VPS or dedicated customer along with using the minimum requirement of SQL 5.1 and version 5.3.

Changing versions (yes, you can change what version you use)

The first step is to log in the cPanel. This means that the InMotion website is checking if you are allowed to modify your website, which is done through usernames and passwords. This is to prevent unauthorized persons from modifying you website without your permission. If you are already an established website owner, the older servers that originally hosts your website might not be able to display the change version option that are found in the newer servers.

Therefore you can ask InMotion hosting to change your original server to a newer server that has the newer options. The change to a newer server for your website is not automatically done since you will still need to request this through a formal email request that will be addressed to [email protected]. The pertinent details that need to be added in the email are the AMP password and the credit card information specifically the last four digits of your card number.

Version Options

You will be given an option of what PHP version you will want to use under the dropdown menu. This includes version 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4. The current version being used by the website will be stated as the system default, which is normally the 5.3 version.

Choosing a version

The available options that will be available in the dropdown menu will be the current version, a lower version and the latest version. Choose a version that you would like to be used by InMotion but thee standard is version 5.3. IF you have already chosen the desired version then click the update button. The reason why this is clicked is that the chosen PHP version is saved and thus will be used in the future.

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