How to Install WordPress in your InMotion Hosting Account?

WordPress is a great blogging application that makes one website truly more interesting and more appealing. It is a remarkable way to spice up a website as it adds more flavors to your contents. When you have WordPress, it is easy to get in touch or to get closer with your regular customers and potential clients. As you post new blog entries, it forms a tie between you and your customers. When you have an online business to run, it surely helps in increasing more profit and popularity. It firmly establishes your online web presence. It also helps increase search rankings since WordPress has SEO tools, as well.

If you are interested to use WordPress, it is just a good thing that it is pretty much compatible with most web hosting service providers these days. So if you have an InMotion Hosting account, you can easily set everything up. To install WordPress easily, here is the step-by-step procedure that you can follow:

  • Before you install WordPress in your InMotion Hosting account, you must log-in to your control panel first. As you access the control panel, try to search for the “Fantastico” button then select it.
  • Once you have selected “Fantastico”, it will show the WordPress sign. Once you have clicked it, it will automatically show a “New Installation” command. You must click it once more then it will automatically prompt you to a page where you have to configure some account details such as the installation location, Admin access data, and base configuration.
  • Right in the installation location, you must now install WordPress in an add-on domain. When you have several domains, all you have to do is to make sure that you have selected the domain that you want. You may actually skip the “install in directory” since your target is to have WordPress placed in the root directory of your domain system.
  • As you access the Admin access data, you have to fill in the needed log-in details such as your username and password. Make sure that you will come up with a strong password so as to avoid any case of hacking. After it, check for the Base Configuration and enter your preferred admin nickname. Well, this is optional. So if you do not want any nickname, you can skip this right away.
  • As soon as you are done, you will have to enter your admin email. You will also have to enter the site name that you want, site description, and the like. When you think that you do not want to alter or to put information anymore, you can now click “Install WordPress” in an instant.
  • When the installation has been completed, you can now go to your new WordPress site with InMotion Hosting. As you go over your blog site, you can see that there is a default theme. You can actually change it since the themes can be customized easily. Isn’t it really easy? So go ahead, follow these instructions and enjoy your new blog site with InMotion Hosting.

The Softaculous and Fantastico feature allows the installation of needed programs in the personal and business websites of owners. Fantastico is a feature offered in the InMotion hosting website that is free of charge given to the owners that have the personal and business class plans.

Logging In

In order to install any program in the website, you will need to log in the cPanel option first. The cPanel is considered to be the control panel of the hosting account. This allows you to change the various features that you will need to enhance the performance of your website.


After you have logged in the cPanel option there are two sections that will be revealed, the database and the software or services section. Under the software/services section, click the Fantastico De Luxe option.

There will be another webpage that will be opened. IT will have options for navigation, blogs, classified and content management. You will see on the right side the Fantastico name. Under the Blogs section on the left side of the menu, click the WordPress option.

WordPress Option

The right side of the menu panel will change to describe the features of the program WordPress. There will also be a support forum link section that you can check but this is not currently available . The next option in the menu is the new installation. But under this link is the required disk space, which is at 10.19 MB. The available disk space available is dependent on your personal or business class plan. Another option is the current installation if you already have other versions of WordPress installed.

New Installation

IF you clicked the option new installation, you will be shifted to another webpage. This webpage will ask some basic information that is needed to install the WordPress blog, which is the setup page. There are various options available – one is the install on domain. This is if you have more than one domain purchased on your InMotion account. If there are more than one domain name, then the drop down list needs to be selected so that you can select on what domain name the program WordPress needs to be installed.

Another option is the Install in directory option. This can be installed in a sub directory within the domain name. An example is as the main directory while is the sub directory. The basic installation will automatically place it in the main directory.

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