The control panel of inmotion hosting is called the cPanel. cPanel is the managing unit of inmotion hosting. Most likely, this is where most of the tasks are being done. When you have your account with inmotion hosting, this would probably be the place you would often visit because this is the control area of your account. That is why account users should be aware of what inmotion hosting cpanel can do for them. Without knowledge on how to handle this cpanel then, people using this account wouldn’t be able to avail their account capabilities to the fullest.

The wonderful features of inmotion hosting cpanel are very important for account users thus having knowledge about it would give them a boost on how to handle their websites like the pros. The main features of this cPanel can help its clients handle tasks easily and comfortably enabling them to do their tasks in a matter of minutes. What includes the inmotion hosting cpanel?

  • First, the Emails. Creation and modification of emails beyond reach with inmotion cpanel emails.
  • Second, there is the File Management section. It is in this section that the account user can backup their files, gain access to the records saved and be able to access through FTP accounts.
  • Third, users can have access to their domains wherein they can arrange new domains to link to their accounts and create subs for it.
  • Fourth, through the cPanel, databases can be created

Convenience of the use of the cPanel might be a concern for inmotion hosting clients that is why the cPanel of inmotion was created in such a way that it is accessible and it is very easy to use. There is an easy help guide for the users to find its way through easily.

For more inquiries about inmotion hosting cPanel, like how clients could log in to the cPanel is very easy and convenient. From the the Account Management Panel of inmotion hosting, it’s a very quick process. Here’s how.

  • Log yourself to the Account Management Panel
  • Look for the header which says control panel and click on the link which says work in control panels
  • Click onto the cPanel Login

Another way for you to log in to the control panel is thru your domain. All you have to do is to change the correct domain name with your own domain name then enter your control panel user name and password. Very Easy isn’t it?

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