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If you are a website owner interested in having your site hosted by iPage, you may want to take a peek at the various sites hosted by iPage. It’s like surveying the location of a commercial site where you intend to build your own building. This way, you get to experience these sites as a user and test the load time and bandwidth of iPage as a web host.

Here are some interesting sites hosted by iPage:

  • www.GregoryFry.com – this site showcases Fry’s artworks. It uses a minimal green layout and features a neat gallery for the owner’s artworks. The site loads fast despite the volume of images displayed on the screen.screenshot 1-1
  • www.MindsAblaze.com – this is an example of an iPage-hosted site with flash and some other dynamic content. The flash element works surprisingly well and quick.screenshot 1-2
  • www.CurlzCreative.net – the site owner is a female graphics artist operating a design and advertising agency. The professionally-looking site design effectively reflects the quality of the site owner’s services. It also loads quickly despite the number of elements found on each page.screenshot 1-3

These are just some of the thousands of sites hosted by iPage. Here’s another list of iPage-hosted sites which are worth checking:

The iPage Community Directory

directory-iconFinding sites hosted by iPage is made easier by the iPage community directory. You can go directly there through this link: http://www.ipage.com/directory/. In that page, you have the option whether to enter the site’s name in the search bar and click search; or browse from among the different categories of the site including: Arts, Computers & Internet, Gifts & Shopping, Miscellaneous, Services, Blogs & Personal Sites, Education, Government, Recreation & Sports, Society, Business, Entertainment & Media, Health, and Science.

Each category has subcategories for better searching. The search results will be displayed below as “Listings” which will display the site’s names and a short summary of what the site is all about. New iPage hosted sites are also featured as “Recent Listings”. You don’t have to be an account owner to use this directory.

promotion iconNote that the iPage community directory is not just a simple search tool. It is also a great promotion tool. Aside from the fact that it is displayed in one of the most visited sites by webmasters, having your site in the iPage community directory actually improves your site’s search engine optimization (SEO).

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