Yes, purchasing a website template can be very tempting. It will be just like ordering your favourite food at McDonald’s. You pay for it, you immediately have it. However, if you try to look closer and deeper, there are actually cons when you buy a website template. Check out the list of disadvantage when you decide to buy a website template.

Originality Issues.

Since templates are easily downloadable, it also means that there is a possibility of you, having the same template with about 2 to infinity number of other users. You may browse on to other websites and see that you have the same layout and design. This will be difficult to digest. Exclusivity is a very big question for templates purchased online and not being originally created by you or a professional web designer.


Isn’t it annoying if you want a certain feature, but your actions are only limited to the features included in your chosen template. There is a certain limitation wherein you can tweak and apply changes in your template and it often pertains to background and headers – which more on the appearance and not really on the functionality. This is part where you curl yourself like a fetus in the corner of your room and regret every life decision you ever made – buying a website template included!

SEO promoting

Since website templates are not optimized for search engines, you have to do the labour manually. You need to work on SEO through your content and this may mean more words rather than simply uploading photos. If you know how hard it is to work with SEO, then you know you’re screwed. In contrast, if you get a custom-made template, you can automatically adjust its settings to be optimized for search engines.

Editing Inconveniences

If you try to edit a certain image, you need to have the required skills or knowledge on how to optimize your these images. If you take this for granted, it might affect the performance of your website, especially it speed. In an era where people are always in a hurry, nobody will have the time to wait for a page to load for a long time. You should always value your time and the time of your future viewers. Therefore, you need to optimize your images in order to avoid your website from running slow. If you do not know how to, that’s a bummer.

Software Prerequisites.

There are website templates that will allow you to edit your page easily and there are also other website templates that would need you to have a degree in rocket science before you could ever understand how it works. You need to have the right skills and right tools in order to apply some minor or major changes in your website template. If you buy a website template, make sure that this does not have a required software when it comes to editing, otherwise, it will be a pain in the head.

If you have come up to a decision after the last line in this article, then go on and continue with it. After all, you possess all the right to decide on whatever you do with it. Just make sure that you gathered enough information on what you are getting yourself into.

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